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“Taxonomy” does not direct course of implementation

A taxonomy is an ordered, parent-child (or ‘tree’) structure, used to classify a set of data in groups and subgroups. Any relation to a subgroup implies a relation with the parent group(s). This phenomenon is also called classification, but has recently been popularly called “tagging”. However, though tagging implies taxonomy, not all taxonomy is tagging. […]

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Arch Linux: the better hobbyist’s distro

I made the switch from Debian Unstable to Arch Linux for my home desktop a few weeks back. I’m both impressed and pleased.

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Python: an introduction for PHP (and other) programmers

I love Python. It is clean, it simple and it evolves in a natural and healthy way. I have been working with PHP for over 10 years now, but Python stole my heart. Ahhhww 😛

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Screen size dependent CSS with jQuery

A simple jQuery plugin to let the CSS handle resolution dependent content – jQuery.classBySize(). This little plugin maps the current document’s size to classnames applied to the element the plugin is used on.

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The great escape

After a while spent on, I have to say, a combination of WordPress, Markdown and GeSHi surely feels better than typing the BB codes that have even earned theirselves the special acronym RML. I’m making the great escape, and am definitely feeling that the combination of tools mentioned above are gonna help keeping things […]

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