About this blog


This blog started in april 2009, at drm.tweakblogs.net, hosted at tweakers.net, which is a service provided to tweakers.net users. I moved to my own hosting and a WordPress system end of 2010. I converted all posts to markdown, and linked to the original posts for the original comments. All posts between april 2009 and december 2010 are originally posted at drm.tweakblogs.net. That’s why comments aren’t checked on on those posts; you’re supposed to comment on the original post 😉


I post the stuff I’m interested in professionally on this blog. By professionally I mean anything work-related. Most content is about programming, web development, Linux and BSD, and sometimes some stuff that is (vaguely) related to those.

I don’t think personal stuff belongs publicly on the web, so you won’t find me telling too much about my personal life, save the following paragraph.

About me

My name is Gerard van Helden, I was born and raised in Rotterdam (NL), where I still live. I play drums, am a music lover, watch a lot of movies, and could eat pizza all week long without getting tired of it. I have been a web developer professionally since june 2000, and was of course a hobbyist way before.

My skills and interests in development all somehow either relate to design and architecture, languages, quality control, automation and performance

You’re welcome to contact me via twitter, e-mail, LinkedIn, or of course github.com/drm. Comment wherever you feel the need to share your own enthusiasm or criticism 🙂

About the nickname

Nicknames are lame. They are out. Soooo nineties, childish, etc. I know, I know. Nonetheless, I think I should stick with my internet identity, and I feel mine is embedded in my nick name, not in my real name. I tend to use both my nickname and real name (combined) in mailinglists, forums, and comments on other people’s blogs. There might come a day that I let my nick name loose for good, but for now I’m just too attached to it 🙂 ;( *sniffles*

The nick name started out as a name I used for making music in FastTracker II. I was about 11 years old when I started with this, and of course I should call myself some DJ name. Since I spent all my free hours doing this, I thought I was bit manic. Hence I thought of the name DJ Maniac, but there was already a real DJ by that name, so I made it Dr.Maniak, the ‘k’ not only because it is out-of-this-world cool, but because maniac is spelled with a ‘k’ in Dutch. I registered on tweakers.net in 2001 with the nick name ‘drm’, because I thought Dr.Maniak was a bit childish. You’d agree, right? So, there the nickname ‘drm’ was born. It has nothing to do with digital rights management, which wasn’t even a common acronym back then, it stands for Dr.Maniak. Cool huh? 😛