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dpc09: Day 3 – Some more highlights

However compelling the title of this blogpost, I attended some great talks today. Not all of them were among the best (anyone who attended the opening keynote would probably agree *ahem* ;)), but I’ll highlight some of the stuff I heard today.

dpc09: Day 2 – My (personal) highlights

I’m just gonna pick the highlights today. I have written quite some stuff down about every speaker I heard, but the highlights for me personally were the following.

dpc09: Day 1 – Matthew Weier O’Phinney – Zend Framework tutorial

I attended the Matthew Weier O’Phinney talk about Zend Framework. It was an 8 hour (more or less) tutorial on how to use it, mainly focusing on the application design-side of things. I always regret when such a speaker is taunted with a majority of “RTFM” questions and there will always be the wisecrack raising […]

dpc09: The day before – Dutch PHP Conference

Tomorrow (well, technically, today) the Dutch PHP conference starts. I will be attending with two of my colleagues at Zicht, Jelle-Jan and Rik. Jelle and I have registered for the Zend Framework tutorial and Rik has for the Zend Certification program.

Export subversion verschillen tussen twee revisions voor upload

Subversion (svn) is één van de meest wijd verspreide versioning systemen voor source code, en terecht want het is erg flexibel en praktisch opgezet. Zonder dat je verplicht wordt vaste structuren aan te houden in je repositories, en door eenvoudig combinaties van repositories op te zetten m.b.v. svn:externals kan je eigenlijk heel veel kanten op […]

MySQL: ENUM’s and booleans

This is one i ran into a few years back, when an entire project was built on a database using ENUM’s as bools. Unfortunately, it was for me to figure out what caused some weird bugs involved. This is a run-down of what happens when you actually use ENUM’s as (evaluating) bools:

Should I continue, or should i break?

This is one of the oldies out of my “PHP is weird”-box. I dug it up from an old post of mine in the GoT forums.

Zend Framework: Decorator Pattern

De theorie achter het Decorator Pattern is eenvoudig. Je hebt een object, je wilt bij een bepaalde functie van dat object (meestal het renderen ervan) wat eigen functionaliteit hangen, zonder dat je de het object van gedrag wilt laten veranderen. Denk hierbij aan het volgende: