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Silent Bellow

“Look at all we have…!” The broad grin below the mustache that seems to carry more years than it’s owner, hints at the revelation behind his kind eyes. He glances over the crowd of none but happy people. Their reactions reverberate in me, shivers go down my spine and I feel the skin behind my […]

Jaguar Negro

Soaring in a roaring propeller plane over the hilly midlands of Guatemala, little fluffy clouds between my window and the vague contours of the volcanos in the east, I find myself pondering on how I am ever going to get back to writing. Had I fallen for the trap, the one I had warned others […]


Dat God ons leert om dankbaar te zijn, geduld te hebben, liefde te tonen aan onze familie en dat dát is wat belangrijk is in het leven, zeker in tijden van langdurige ziekte in een gezin dat noodgedwongen gebroken is, waar de kinderen niet in hetzelfde huis kunnen wonen omdat er domweg geen ruimte is […]

Lima. Week twee.

Ik hoor het je al denken.   Waar is week één gebleven?   Who knows.   Ik weet er al bijna niets meer van, en dat wat ik nog wel weet is te veel om op te noemen. Het zijn flarden van herinneringen, onsamenhangende kluwen van rafelige lappendekens. Vertrek vanuit Rotterdam, afscheid op Schiphol, toch nog last minute […]

What the web should really look like, or: what we might learn from cryptocoins and accountants.

Given any system, anytime, anywhere, state is a derivation of some sequence of events. Always. It is like that in the real world, as we already know that events can never be exactly reproduced without replaying them in pure isolation from whatever else that might influence it. In practice, we just try to marginalize the […]

Privacy at the dark side of the moon

Currently, when you visit any website you can be pretty sure that there is some advertising campaign going on. Your browser is checked for cookies on some remote domain, and we have no clear way of what information this remote domain is tracking, unless we’re willing to dive into a deep pit, unraveling the darkest […]

Package management. No really. How hard can it be?

We had a little discussion at work some time ago, again, involving package management. No, I’m not talking about the .deb versus .rpm debate. I am talking about source dependencies for JavaScript and PHP projects. But the problem holds equally well for OS package management or build dependencies. Currently, we are using a fine blend […]

Why Gödels incompleteness theorem should be software engineering 101

I am a developer. That’s why I know how us folk think. We want clean and nice solutions for problems, because that’s what we do best: provide elegant programs that solve actual everyday problems. We also tend to overrate elegancy. Especially in web development -my field of expertise-, when projects and programs are relatively small […]

Building OpenGL SDK: compile error “X11/extensions/XInput.h”

If you get this error: src/freeglut_internal.h:111:39: fatal error: X11/extensions/XInput.h: No such file or directory This might save you some time searching for the correct dev packages to install. The package it is in in the Debian repositories is called x11proto-input-dev, but it contains the file XI.h which contains the correct headers freeglut is including. Symlink […]

Composer local package mirroring: Press the pedal to the metal.

In my previous blog post, I told you about hosting local package repositories for composer. Me, or to be honest, my colleagues, weren’t too excited about the performance gains. So I decided to dig in a bit deeper.