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10 must-have key and mouse binding configs in Openbox

In openbox, you have a configuration file in ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml in which you can pretty much configure all the shortcuts you need in a lifetime. Here’s my top ten configurations, along with their code.

VirtualBox is more free than you might think

I read a post today at the Zend Framework general mailinglist from Ralf Eggert, having trouble with Internet Explorer 6. As all of us developers know, IE6 is trouble.

HipHop – The talk of the day

Today I read about HipHop, the talk of the day in the PHP community. It is basically a PHP to C++ compiler, developed by Facebook to have all benefits of compiled binaries (improved performance, more efficient memory management, less overhead), without having to train their PHP developers into C++ developers or do a big round […]

The horror of open source behemoths

There are a few projects out there that give open source a bad name. I won’t call the project in question by name here, but let’s say some open source web CMS’es scratch a part of my memory which was heavily repressed – with reason.

Open source en gratis software

Ik vind het altijd lastig om voor programma’s waar ik eigenlijk niet voor wil betalen, goede of vergelijkbare gratis cq open source alternatieven te vinden. We kunnen discussieren over de vraag of je dat wel altijd moet willen (en waarom je soms niet gewoon die paar tientjes voor een stukje software neer wil leggen), maar […]