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PHP in the web development world: are we doing it all wrong?

Some thoughts and ponderings on how “the frameworks out there” might not do it just as right as they should. The UNIX principle applied? Something that is currently overlooked in a large part of the PHP community is that not all design patterns are necessarily implemented in PHP code. Your webserver can be considered the […]

My top 5 dos and don’ts of self-explanatory programming

I have gathered some of the less obvious do’s and don’ts in how to make your code more explanatory to your coworkers. I left out the more obvious like writing doc-comments, using coding standards, etc. Those go without saying. This might be considered “drm’s php tiplist revisited” 😉

Zend Framework: Decorator Pattern

De theorie achter het Decorator Pattern is eenvoudig. Je hebt een object, je wilt bij een bepaalde functie van dat object (meestal het renderen ervan) wat eigen functionaliteit hangen, zonder dat je de het object van gedrag wilt laten veranderen. Denk hierbij aan het volgende: