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Linux Devbox: Running multiple PHP versions

Ever since PHP5 came out, there is some need to run multiple PHP versions on your local development box, or at least make it easy to switch from one version to another. Derick Rethans has posted a solution based on your PATH environment variable. I have devised an alternative approach which changes the system wide […]

My top 5 dos and don’ts of self-explanatory programming

I have gathered some of the less obvious do’s and don’ts in how to make your code more explanatory to your coworkers. I left out the more obvious like writing doc-comments, using coding standards, etc. Those go without saying. This might be considered “drm’s php tiplist revisited” 😉

Twig, the next generation template engine for PHP

I’ve been using Smarty 2 for about 7 years, and, while Smarty 3 is still in beta, Twig just popped up in the scene. Notable Smarty opposer Fabien Potencier was apparently converted by this template engine, so Twig must either be magic, or excellent, or both.

HipHop – The talk of the day

Today I read about HipHop, the talk of the day in the PHP community. It is basically a PHP to C++ compiler, developed by Facebook to have all benefits of compiled binaries (improved performance, more efficient memory management, less overhead), without having to train their PHP developers into C++ developers or do a big round […]

Installing IntelliJ WebIDE on GNU/Linux

IntelliJ is working on probably the best PHP IDE out there. Since I am running Debian unstable at home, here’s how to install it. I think more or less the same routine would work for any other distribution, but others might elaborate on that.

What PHP editor or IDE do you use?

Eclipse PDT is bloating. I have a Intel 2.4 GHz quad core processor, 4G’s of RAM running a 64bit Debian and the latest Eclipse PDT still isn’t as responsive as I’d expect from state of the art software on more or less state of the art hardware. Netbeans unfortunately has the same issues. So I […]

dpc09: Day 3 – Some more highlights

However compelling the title of this blogpost, I attended some great talks today. Not all of them were among the best (anyone who attended the opening keynote would probably agree *ahem* ;)), but I’ll highlight some of the stuff I heard today.

dpc09: Day 2 – My (personal) highlights

I’m just gonna pick the highlights today. I have written quite some stuff down about every speaker I heard, but the highlights for me personally were the following.

dpc09: Day 1 – Matthew Weier O’Phinney – Zend Framework tutorial

I attended the Matthew Weier O’Phinney talk about Zend Framework. It was an 8 hour (more or less) tutorial on how to use it, mainly focusing on the application design-side of things. I always regret when such a speaker is taunted with a majority of “RTFM” questions and there will always be the wisecrack raising […]

dpc09: The day before – Dutch PHP Conference

Tomorrow (well, technically, today) the Dutch PHP conference starts. I will be attending with two of my colleagues at Zicht, Jelle-Jan and Rik. Jelle and I have registered for the Zend Framework tutorial and Rik has for the Zend Certification program.