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Enhancing Python unit tests further with decorators

Decorators in Python are awesome. In follow-up to my previous post on a missing feature in Python’s unittest module in comparison to PHPUnit, here’s the implementation of PHPUnit’s @expectedException annotation in form of a Python decorator

PHPUnit style dataProvider in Python unit test

PHPUnit has a handy feature with which you can provide testdata to your tests. This is called a data provider, and is implemented by annotating a test with @dataProvider methodName. Python’s unittest module doesn’t seem to have such a feature.

HTML5 WebSocket Server – Work in Progress

So, I thought I’d devise a websocket server in Python. I’ve been tweeting some stuff about that too, but as soon as I wanted to publish the source code, I accidentally deleted websocket.py, instead of websocket.pyc (which I didn’t want to occur on github). That was quite dumb…

Python: an introduction for PHP (and other) programmers

I love Python. It is clean, it simple and it evolves in a natural and healthy way. I have been working with PHP for over 10 years now, but Python stole my heart. Ahhhww 😛

Export subversion verschillen tussen twee revisions voor upload

Subversion (svn) is één van de meest wijd verspreide versioning systemen voor source code, en terecht want het is erg flexibel en praktisch opgezet. Zonder dat je verplicht wordt vaste structuren aan te houden in je repositories, en door eenvoudig combinaties van repositories op te zetten m.b.v. svn:externals kan je eigenlijk heel veel kanten op […]