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The great escape

After a while spent on, I have to say, a combination of Wordpress, Markdown and GeSHi surely feels better than typing the BB codes that have even earned theirselves the special acronym RML. I'm making the great escape, and am definitely feeling that the combination of tools mentioned above are gonna help keeping things better up to date and more enjoyable to read and follow. I sure hope you will feel the same way.

So there it is, finally got some sensible content.

I hauled all content over from by hand (because it wouldn't have cost me less time scripting it, considering there were only about 20 posts), and all content is here now. I closed the commenting on the posts I have posted previously, because it makes more sense having people commenting on the original posts and comments already in place.

All 'n all, I'm pretty confident that this site will be the burial ground for some interesting content the coming years, because the limits of technicalities are virtually non-existent.

Let my tag line be a reminder of that. Finally. He put something up there. Whoof. (picture me sweeping the back of my hand across my forehead). :)

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You're looking at a very minimalistic archived version of this website. I wish to preserve to content, but I no longer wish to maintain Wordpress, nor handle the abuse that comes with that.