Hi. I didn't really feel like maintaining wordpress any longer. So here's the list of posts I did in all the years. Hope you still enjoy whatever gems are in there.

Silent Bellow
Jaguar Negro
Lima. Week twee.
What the web should really look like, or: what we might learn from cryptocoins and accountants.
Privacy at the dark side of the moon
Package management. No really. How hard can it be?
Why Gödels incompleteness theorem should be software engineering 101
Building OpenGL SDK: compile error "X11/extensions/XInput.h"
Composer local package mirroring: Press the pedal to the metal.
Composer: create a local package repository to improve speed
Flow charts in code: enter graphviz and the "dot" language
PHP: We are getting slow and sluggish, and we're lazy and arrogant about it.
PHP in the web development world: are we doing it all wrong?
Tetris in HTML and Javascript
Symfony2: A two piece puzzle.
Using a .pfx to install an SSL certificate
PHPUnit: Closures as dataProviders help with repetitive code
Declarative is the new black.
Symfony2 + PHPCR + Doctrine2 + Jackalope recipe
Failure in a bash script usually means failure of the script
Apply low priority to low priority processes
Automate sudo nano; something I should've done a loooong time ago
Password-less authentication SSH
Bash control structures have redirection too
Binding keyboard volume buttons to mixer control
Raising windows in stead of opening new ones
NginX for Apache users
How to restore grub with a live CD
Unit testing and Drupal; what's wrong with this picture?
Enhancing Python unit tests further with decorators
Endless scrolling based on a simple HTML pager
PHPUnit style dataProvider in Python unit test
Introducing Spritzer: A CSS sprite generator
About MySQL, UTF-8 and saving headaches
HTML5 WebSocket Server - Work in Progress
10 must-have key and mouse binding configs in Openbox
"Taxonomy" does not direct course of implementation
Arch Linux: the better hobbyist's distro
Python: an introduction for PHP (and other) programmers
Screen size dependent CSS with jQuery
The great escape
Linux Devbox: Running multiple PHP versions
ReTwizzle this: #lorizzle
Setting up a headless torrent daemon in FreeBSD
My top 5 dos and don'ts of self-explanatory programming
Twig, the next generation template engine for PHP
VirtualBox is more free than you might think
HipHop - The talk of the day
Ubuntu 9.10 karmic installation... Not so positive.
Installing IntelliJ WebIDE on GNU/Linux
bash: Getting started, finally...
What PHP editor or IDE do you use?
Don't fear the MySQL geekness!
The horror of open source behemoths
"Segmentation Faulty Tree"
FreeBSD at the desktop: It didn't make it
w00t! I made it: FreeBSD + Xorg + Gnome + Compiz Fusion = cool desktop :)
De eeuwige discussie
How to get a FreeBSD web development box running as a Virtual Machine in Windows
dpc09: Day 3 - Some more highlights
dpc09: Day 2 - My (personal) highlights
dpc09: Day 1 - Matthew Weier O'Phinney - Zend Framework tutorial
dpc09: The day before - Dutch PHP Conference
Export subversion verschillen tussen twee revisions voor upload
MySQL: ENUM's and booleans
Should I continue, or should i break?
Zend Framework: Decorator Pattern
Open source en gratis software
Waar veel programmeurs te lui voor zijn...
Wow, drm heeft ook een blog!

You're looking at a very minimalistic archived version of this website. I wish to preserve to content, but I no longer wish to maintain Wordpress, nor handle the abuse that comes with that.